Technical Consulting

Solar Hands offers a variety of solar and energy consulting services for developers, EPCs, OEMs, Contractors, Authorities and or any other project stakeholders (engineering team/financing teams).

Storage Modeling

Solar Hands performs modeling of storage systems, this model may differ from region and application, anyhow it allows the customer to understand the current situation, look into the project life-cyle and plan for the future. This model also opens the door to new proposals of monetization of the storage energy solutions.

OEM Technical Consulting

Our team of experts can act as an owner’s engineer. Being mobilized at an earlier stage or at a later stage - our focus is to build up value by supporting the customer on decision making, interfacing with project stakeholders on critical roles. A possible solution as well is to act as an independent person, so we could balance technical proposals. Our main role from start to finish is to involve stakeholders, track and trend initiatives.

Expert Witness


Usually, in some particular projects and during project execution, we can support as a 3rd party to support the team and end-user. These actions usually occur during supply chain assessment (FAT and inspections) and during execution (SAT), not forgetting the possibility of acting as well on the project handover stage (T&C)

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