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Solar Energy: clean, safe, renewable. Why not?

Solar projects are unique in the sense that each solar customer has specific and specific needs. This requires Solar Hands to deliver services focused on providing ideal and customized solutions.

Solar Hands provides a wide range of specialized consultancy services in the solar energy sector, that covers the entire value chain from concept through to operations.   

For residential, commercial, industrial, utility-scale clients, EPC contractors, developers and consultants who need support on their solar renewable energy projects, our team offers highly efficient and reliable solar energy systems and solutions that allows to optimize and improve all project and idea stages. With this approach, we believe that we can reduce cost and timelines and improve quality, therefore fulfilling our business proposition


Project Development/Financing/Advisory

Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you.

We are responsible for:

  • General feasibility studies;       

  • Due diligences;

  • Deal with the necessary approvals; 

  • Project management (in all stages - including testing and commissioning).

Throughout all the project phases the financial requirements needs to be fulfilled. So, to assure financial closing as soon as possible, we and our advisors/partners perform all the project development, design, EPC and O&M activities, according to the’ requirements.


EPCM Contracting


  • Design and assistance in the development and improvement of projects;

  • Plants optimization;

  • Liasioning approvals.


Support in procurement and tenders: conduct market research to choose the best technical and financial options according to the project allow us to control costs and assure meaningful warranties.


Assistance in coordination and implementation of projects and logistics.



The maintenance of solar systems is essential to ensure that it continues to function properly and generate energy with full capacity.


​The maintenance performed by our technicians follows a set of verification routines of all components of solar systems (such as inverters, LV Panels, batteries and cables) in order ro ensure that systems are operating as efficiently as possible and avoid future problems.