Solar-Hands is a young and dynamic company, specialized on solar solutions and based on principles such as efficiency, simplicity and excellence in the services provided to its clients. 

We exist to solve the critical issues facing by our clients.

Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us. 

Thanks to the experience acquired in different areas of activity in the international market, we are a multidisciplinary company, made up of qualified professionals that provides general support and specific services, based on excelent technical expertise to ensure the successful delivery of every project.


Our target are companies and government organizations within the UAE and GGC. Those contracts will be served with the assistance of strategic alliances.

Our focus is to provide high-quality service, in a safe and profitable way to ensure a service of excellence - these means we could elaborate complete solutions that eliminates unnecessary use of resources, therefore increasing the productivity of systems and processes.

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